Get to know me // Q and A

So I thought I’d do something different for this weekends blog post, and I decided to do a getting to know me / Q and A blog post. Read More


Fresh air and wellness

One lesson my mum has always taught me is that there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved with a little fresh air. Every time I complain to her about feeling ill, or stressed, or overwhelmed, her first question is always: Have you been out of the house today? Read More

Alone time and wellness

Although in my last post I said that it’s important to reach out to others when your struggling, it is also important that you don’t fill all your spare time with social events, surrounding yourself with lots of people. Read More

Relationships and wellness

The strength of your support network also contributes to your wellness, and I find that even a quick chat on Facebook with a friend or a skype call with my mum can instantly lift my mood. Sometimes, especially as a student, you can get so stuck in a pattern of work work work, that you get trapped in your own head and worry / anxiety/stress begins to build. Read More

September reads

Last month I definitely did my fair share of reading! I went on holiday and spent most of my time by the pool with my face in a book. When we returned It was the first day of autumn and I definitely hunkered down in my dressing gown whenever I had some spare time. Here’s what I read … Read More

My Month In Photos: September!

September was a double edged sword (or rather triple edged sword): the first 10 days were probably the most stressful of my life, the following 10 days were possibly the best! Yet I also had a lot of tough days.

Read More

Vegan lentil and veg stew

I’ve been struggling this week: I started my new job and got a cold. I guess I was bound to get sick after mixing with hundreds of students for the first time, especially in flu season when I often get cold after cold. I decided to make a yummy, warming stew jam packed with veggies and nutrients, and if your feeling anything like I did give this recipe a try – it made me feel tons better! Read More