5 Things To Do In Prague

1) Visit the old town square

We actually found the old town square by accident, but it was such a good find! It was Easter when we visited so it was decorated with colourful ribbon and an Easter market was on, so it was full of food and drink stalls which we took full advantage of; In the end we each picked something from each stall to munch on as we walked around!

The architecture is just beautiful, and of course it’s complete with the astronomical clock which dates back to 1410! On the hour every hour it animates and you can watch the rotation of the 12 apostles.

While your in the square be sure to try the Trdelnik – a traditional Czech cake which is rolled, grilled and then topped with sugar and hazelnuts. You can get all sorts of toppings, I chose plain with Nutella, but this was my sisters, and she had ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce! Although its a messy affair its definitely worth trying at least once, and starting at only  70CZK (£2.50) it would be rude not to.

Find out more information HERE.


2) Climb the old town tower

Another thing you can do in the old town square is to climb the old town tower. At 69.5 metres high the views are amazing and its well worth the climb. NGL when we first walked in we were a little intimidating by the amount of floors we had to climb; there is a lift you can take but I felt like that was cheating and I wanted to get the full experience.

The views are spectacular and you can get panorama views of the square and other landmarks, including Prague castle.

Admission to the tower is 250 CZK (around £9) which initially felt a little steep for how long we were up there, but when I looked at my photos after it was well worth it.

Find out more information HERE.


3) Visit Chloe cafe

This was the one thing my sister wanted to do whilst in Prague, so we mapped it to the cafe and it was well worth it. The outside is so pretty …

And the inside is too!! I didn’t manage to get a photo as we couldn’t sit near it, but there’s also a wall of roses which makes an amazing spot for Instagram photos.

Most importantly, Cafe Chloe does the best hot chocolate and cake! I was craving hot chocolate on both the first and second day but because I only drink dairy free milk I really struggled to find somewhere. But as soon as I saw coconut milk on the menu I was so happy, and it was the best hot chocolate. Definitely worth a visit if your a foodie or you love good Instagram worthy photos.

Check out their Instagram HERE.



4) Boat trip

On our first day we decided the best way to get to know Prague would be to do a boat tour and it was such a good idea! It was great for photos and was a really fun experience!

The boat goes along the river Vltava which is perfect because you can see all the beautiful, historic architecture as well as landmarks such as the Charles bridge and Prague Castle.

I think we paid around 700 CZK each (around £25), but this included tickets for the boat tour and for 3 bus route tours, so was well worth it.

You can find out information HERE, but there are lots of opportunities to get tickets once your there, and you’ll probably get a better deal like we did!



5) Lennon wall

The last thing I’d recommend is visiting the Lennon Wall which is located on the other side of the Charles bridge. It’s filled with graffiti inspired by John Lennon and lots of Beatles lyrics. I could have spent hours stood there looking at each and every image / lyric and it’s amazing for photos.

It’s located in a really pretty, quiet part of Prague with some cute, traditional Czech restaurants and bars. And of course it’s free so it’s the perfect thing to do with your afternoon!

Find out more information HERE.




  1. Marie
    April 20, 2019 / 4:40 pm

    Some good photos (think I took some!) you missed out, get friendly with the locals at Bar Antony !!

    • amyedmondsblog
      April 20, 2019 / 5:23 pm

      Thank you! Haha how could I forget Antonys 😂 x

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