Cruelty Free Brands

If you read my 2019 goals post you’ll know that I am trying to switch to cruelty free products. This was one of my goals for 2018, and as you can tell by it’s re-emergence it wasn’t very successful. So in an attempt to make switching a little easier I decided to write myself a little list of brands which are cruelty free, which I intend to check every time I need to buy a new product. Hopefully this will make the switch a little easier, and prevent me from being lazy. And of course I had to share it with you all in case any of you are considering making the switch.

If there is one thing I realised whilst researching ‘cruelty free’ brands, it was that what people consider to be ‘cruelty free’ varies. Some brands may be completely cruelty free, however they may be owned by a parent company such as L’Oreal which does test on animals. While some may consider this to be cruelty free and continue to buy their products, others may disagree with this as the money still goes to the parent company it is owned by, therefore still funding animal testing. Instead they may only buy from cruelty free brands whose parent company are cruelty free also. While my newly researched self tends to agree with the latter stance, I completely understand that your views may be different. As such, some of the brands in this post are owned by a non cruelty free parent company, and these will be indicated with = P. It is for you to decide whether you wish to use these brands in your own cruelty free list. I have also indicated whether brands are budget (£) mid range (££) or higher end (£££) in terms of price, and any brands that are completely vegan will be indicated with = V.

Please note that this is something I intend to keep adding to as I continue to switch to cruelty free, so it is not an exhaustive list, and there may be other brands that you find from your own research. If you happen to know any other cruelty free brands that aren’t on the list let me know in the comments.

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills . ££
  • B . £ . V
  • Bare Minerals . ££ . P
  • Barry M . £
  • Collection Cosmetics . £
  • Dermalogica . ££-£££ . P
  • E.L.F . £
  • Glossier . ££
  • Illamasqua . £££
  • Kat Von D . ££
  • Kiko . £
  • Lush . ££
  • Marks and Spencer . £-££
  • Natural Collection . £
  • No 7 . ££
  • Nyx . £ . P
  • Pixi . ££
  • Revolution . £ . P
  • Smashbox . ££-£££ . P
  • Stila . ££-£££
  • Tarte . £££ . P
  • Too Faced . ££-£££ . P
  • The Body Shop . ££
  • The Ordinary . £
  • Urban Decay . ££-£££ . P


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