December Reads

In that post-Christmas slump? In need of some book inspo? Then look no further ; here are the books I read in December.

 ‘Never Fade’ (The Darkest Minds #2) by Alexandra Bracken


4 out of 5 stars

Ruby never asked for the abilities that almost cost her life. Now she must call upon them to bring down a corrupt government in a world where children have been eliminated. When she is entrusted with an explosive secret, she embarks on her deadliest journey yet: leaving the Children’s League to track down Liam Stewart, the boy who carries the truth about the disease that threw the world into chaos. The boy she once loved and hoped never to see again …’

After watching the film version of the darkest minds, I remembered that I had only read the first one, and that there were still two more to read. So of course I headed to Waterstones and read the next one. I was such a good easy read and I think read it in a day or two. Would recommend this to anyone who liked the film, or anyone who likes dystopian / YA. After reading this I was desperate to read the next book, hence my next read …



‘In the After Light’ (The Darkest Minds #3) by Alexandra Bracken


4 out of 5 stars

‘One of the few survivors of a disease which killed most of America’s children, Ruby has emerged as Leader of the rebel group determined to bring the government down. Torn apart by the unbearable loss of Liam, she forms an unlikely alliance with his brother, Cole. But whatever their differences, Ruby and Cole are united by a clear mission: there are thousands like them still suffering in ‘rehabilitation camps’. It’s up to Ruby to set them free …’

Similarly, I read this really quickly and was really sad when it was over. I love book series like this where you become attached to the characters and their story.



‘Pretty Girls’ by Karen Slaughter

Mystery / Thriller

4 out of 5 stars

‘More than twenty years ago, Claire and Lydia’s teenage sister Julia vanished without a trace. The two women have not spoken since, and now their lives could not be more different. Claire is the glamorous trophy wife of an Atlanta millionaire. Lydia, a single mother, dates an ex-con and struggles to make ends meet. But neither has recovered from the horror and heartbreak of their shared loss—a devastating wound that’s cruelly ripped open when Claire’s husband is killed. The disappearance of a teenage girl and the murder of a middle-aged man, almost a quarter-century apart: what could connect them? Forming a wary truce, the surviving sisters look to the past to find the truth, unearthing the secrets that destroyed their family all those years ago . . . and uncovering the possibility of redemption, and revenge, where they least expect it.’

This was probably the darkest book I have ever read, so don’t pick this up if you’re not a fan of gore, as it was quite graphic. It kept me in suspense the whole way through; I was desperate to find out what happened. This is perfect if you love a mystery, with twists and turns throughout.



‘Suicide Blonde’ by Darcey Steinke


3 out of 5 stars

‘Jesse, a beautiful twenty-nine-year-old, is adrift in San Francisco’s demimonde of sexually ambiguous, bourbon-drinking, drug-taking outsiders. While desperately trying to sustain a connection with her bisexual boyfriend in a world of confused and forbidden desire, she becomes the caretaker of and confidante to Madame Pig, a besotted, grotesque recluse. Jesse also falls into a dangerous relationship with Madison, Pig’s daughter or lover or both, who uses others’ desires for her own purposes, hurtling herself and Jesse beyond all boundaries.’

I recieved this book free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, Canongate!

… Check out my full review here.


What did you read in December? Let me know in the comments below.




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