2019 Goals // Resolutions

Happy new year everyone! 2019 is here, so what better time to think upon the year ahead and the things I hope to achieve in this time.

Below are some goals I hope to achieve for my blog …

Reach 150 posts

This should be easy as I intend to keep posting twice a week and I have already posted 64 blog posts so far. The main aim of this goal is to keep me blogging as I sometimes flag when I’m stressed, but often blogging helps me feel happier and allows me to have completed something productive, which is much better than wallowing.

Get better at promoting my own blog posts

This is definitely something I haven’t been doing so great at lately, and as a result of this my views have suffered. So this year I intend to get back on the self-promotion bandwagon!

As well as goals for my blogs, I also have some general resolutions I hope to focus on this year …

Practice mindfulness

I have recently began practising mindfulness and breathing exercises again, and it has helped me a lot. Especially as It reminds me that my thoughts are just that, and that I should not judge them. For example, if i’m having a low confidence day where I’m not a fan of my body or the way I look, It is useful to remember that these are just thoughts that have often been triggered by my surroundings (e.g. social media). By taking a few minutes a day I am able to gain some distance from these thoughts, and thus limit their impact on me. As such, one of my resolutions is to try and practice mindfulness 3-4 times a week.

Practice yoga on a more regular basis

I absolutely love yoga, mainly because it relaxes me, and is quite a mindful way to stretch your body. My goal is to continue practising yoga 3-4 times a week, as it is an aspect of my life which has suffered since getting a full-time job.

Run a 5k

I have recently got back into running (thanks to my new fitbit which has encouraged me to get out of the house). Although I can run, I am more of interval runner and find it hard to run continuously for a long distance, so one of my goals is to be able to run 5k without stopping by the end of 2019, and maybe have even done a park run.

Fully switch to cruelty free products

This is definitely something I thought I would have easily been able to achieve within the last here, but as I already said in my 2018 goals recap it is something I have found hard. Nevertheless, I will manage to do it this year!

Match this years reading total of 69 books; so read 5/6 books a month.

This should be relatively easy as I managed it this year!

Save / spend less

I am definitely an impulsive spender, and my saving have suffered as a result of this. Next year is going to be the year that I finally start saving and spending my money wisely (a girl can try right?).

What are your 2019 goals / resolutions? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. January 1, 2019 / 3:45 pm

    I always go in and out of practicing yoga. I go for a few weeks before stopping for whatever reason. Hoping to get back into it and stay in it for this year. I hope it goes well for you, too! 😊

    • amyedmondsblog
      January 2, 2019 / 2:45 pm

      I used to be the same, I’ve got slightly better lately but I know i’ll get like that at some point this year! Thank you, good luck 🙂

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