2018 goals recap

So as we’re nearing Christmas and the end of 2018 i thought i would recap the goals i set for myself at the start of this year, and check in with whether i have actually achieved these. You can’t see my original post here! Let’s take a look…

Goals for this blog … 

1- Keep blogging
‘My main goal is to stay inspired, and blog about things that I love. This links to the next goal …’

I think I’ve reached this goal! I may have slumped during a few months where Uni work got a bit crazy but in general I’ve been pretty consistent with my blogging.

2- Reach 50 posts
‘As well as this I aim to continue posting once a week (sometimes more)!’

DONE! I’m now on 62 posts and counting.

General resolutions … 

3- Switch to cruelty free cosmetics
‘This is something I have been meaning to do, but instead I often get sucked into being too lazy to do my research, and leaving it till I’m out of a product before I dash into town and grab whatever I can find. I definitely need to get more organised!’

I’ve made good steps towards this goal but I definitely haven’t finished switching! This seems to be a lot harder than I originally thought it would be especially in terms of convenience and money. Often i have to order the products online to get them reasonably priced (i.e from e.l.f.), and if i leave it too last minute to do this I end up having to buy products from the body shop or lush, which are a little pricier. I have also had some issues with thinking a brand is cruelty free, but then realising their parent company is not but i just see this as a learning curve. Despite this though i would say 80% of my makeup and skincare products are now cruelty free.

See my cruelty free beauty haul (although I’ve since realised NYX’s parent company isn’t cruelty free).

4- Eat more vegan meals
‘I was given a cute little vegan cookbook for Christmas, and so I’m gonna aim to cook 1 or 2 vegan meals a week, not only to try and eat a little healthier but also to improve my carbon footprint.’

I’ve really managed to achieve this goal this year! Half way through the year i found out i am lactose intolerant, and so I’ve managed to switch a lot of the products I use to vegan alternatives, including plant based milks, cream, and butter. I feel much better for this, and it has meant i try cooking some new things.

Check out some of my vegan recipes: lentil and veg stew and sweet potato and kale chilli. Also, see my vegan festival post!

5- Stick to an evening skin care routine
‘This is definitely something I want to focus on more. Often I’m too lazy // tired to take the time to cleanse, tone and moisturise, and I’m ashamed to admit that on late nights I often sleep in a full face of makeup – this is something I’m going to change in the new year, as I want that perfect, glowy skin!’

Ive managed this a lot better this year. There are still nights where i cant be bothered, but i always make sure i take my makeup off and moisturise at the least.

6- Read 3 books a month
‘This probably the only goal I don’t think I’ll struggle with as I love reading, and it appears to be a form of procrastination I often use when I have lots of uni work I should be doing. As such, i’ll be setting my Goodreads reading challenge to 36, which may seem a small amount, but I dont’ think I can justify setting it higher with uni and work ((I wish I could read more)).’

I’ve read so much more than i thought i would this year. I intended to read 3 books a month or 36 books throughout the year, and I’m currently reading my 68th book of 2018! How amazing is that?!

See my monthly book round ups here: January, February and march, April and May, June, July, August, September, October, and November.

Keep an eye out over the next few weeks for my 2019 goals post 🙂

Amy xoxo

P.s. did you achieve your 2018 goals?

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