1 Year Blogging

It’s official – I have been blogging for a year! How amazing is that? I must admit, when I first started I never thought I’d have blogged this consistently for this long; I thought it would be a cool space to share what I get up to and what I enjoy doing – even if it was just me reading it back later on. But a year on I’ve built a little hub of followers and blogs I love following and reading. it has also allowed me to become more confident with sharing on social media, taking pictures, and sometimes even just getting out of the house more!

So here are a few lessons I have learnt in my first year of blogging:

  1. Don’t burden yourself with a strict schedule

When I first started blogging I set Sundays as the day my posts would go live, and when this went well I also began posting once or twice more during the week. Although having set days may work for most bloggers, for me this began to add pressure to my writing, and if I didn’t have a blog post ready for that set day I’d panic and write anything just to tick the day off. As you can imagine these posts weren’t the best. After a few months of this I began to only write posts when inspiration hit, and I loved them so much more! Now that I write when inspiration hits I tend to have quite a few posts drafted, so when the weekend comes I just pick which ones should go up that week, upload one and schedule another to go up at some point during the week when I know I’ll be busy with work. If I don’t have any drafts saved I either write about something that’s inspired me that week, or if i’m uninspired I just skip a week and forgot about the pressure I used to put on myself. Trust me this technique makes writing blog posts much more fun, and your passion will shine through!

2. Blog about the things you love

Linking to the previous post, only blog about the things you love! Copying post ideas will just result in lots of similar posts and your site won’t seem authentic. Be true to what you love and like minded people will enjoy your posts. This has been amazing for me, as I get book recommendations, and people’s thoughts on the books I have read. The discussion in the comments is amazing, and engaging with your readers will allow you to figure out which blog posts are enjoyed more.

3. Social media is key

Social media is one of the best tools you can use for your blog! Not only can you build a following, but you can also find some other bloggers to connect with. This is amazing for sharing your blogs, meeting like-minded people, and keeping you inspired. Filling my twitter feed with other blogger’s sharing their posts inspires me to carry on writing about the things I love. Although I don’t share my blogposts to my facebook, twitter and instagram have been amazing for sharing posts, getting views and feedback, and interacting with other bloggers, and I would definitely recommend utilising these platforms for your blog.

4. Don’t rush to find your niche

This one is really important. I only found my niche in the last month or so. To begin with I just blogged about the things I enjoyed: books, food, exercise, self care. However, a few months ago I sat down and I realised the things I blog about are all linked: they are the things that help me maintain my wellbeing – both mentally and physical. I had found my niche – wellness! I am a firm believer that finder your niche organically is much better than setting out to have a certain blog, for example a book blog or a food blog!

So those are my tips for blogging, and I’m sure over the next year I will acquire a few more, which I’m sure I will add to this list after my second year of blogging.




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