Nutrition and wellness

This is something I’ve only recently realised affects my wellness. As a student, when times got stressful I would often skip meals or rely on sugar and coffee to get me through the day. However, this often left me feeling tired and groggy, and my skin seriously paid for it. Recently I’ve started taking note of what I have been putting into my body, and how this affects the way I feel throughout the day, and I have definitely noticed a link between the food I eat and my mood.


Here are a few things I have tried that have helped me improve my nutrition:

  • Stop drinking coffee – I only have it as a rare treat now when I meet up with friends rather than my old 3/4 a day
  • Never miss a meal
  • Always make breakfast as healthy as I can so it’s a good start to the day – I normally try and have porridge with fruit, honey, pumpkin / sunflower seeds, and chia seeds (As pictured above)
  • Try and have a portion of fruit with breakfast and two with lunch
  • Drink more water – I know try to drink anywhere between 1 and 2 litres of water a day and my hydratem8 has been really helpful with this!

Here are a few other things you can try:

  • Switch to wholemeal
  • Fry less – Switch to baking or steaming
  • Drink water before every meal

P.S here are some recipes I have posted on my blog if your looking for some healthy recipe inspiration.



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