Get to know me // Q and A

So I thought I’d do something different for this weekends blog post, and I decided to do a getting to know me / Q and A blog post. For the first half I found 10 questions other bloggers often answer. Check them out below…

1- Zodiac sign 

Cancer. My birthday is the 18th of July

2 – 3 fears

Spiders, small spaces, and getting a papercut in my eye (weird i know!)

3- 3 things i love

Dogs, yoga and books

4- my favourite band

Probably catfish and the bottlemen.

5- 3 things that make me happy

Dogs, good food, and a calming yoga session.

6-  Where I work

I work as a facilitator for inclusion at my local college.

7- Something that’s constantly on my mind

Dogs (and the fact that I really want one)

8- My favourite food


9- One word that describes me


10- My favourite quote 

‘I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night’ – Sarah Williams. It’s actually a poem (so not really a quote) but I love it. For me it represents that no matter how dark some days can be, there will always be something that make them worth while.


I then asked twitter for a few more detailed questions.

Here’s what I was asked on twitter , and be sure to check out the people who asked me questions blogs and share some love over there too.

@ReDewhurst from Books Interalia asked ‘If your life was a book, who would you most like to be the author?’ 

Hmmm … This question is really hard to answer! I’d have to say either Jenny Han because I loved TATBILB and how funny it was, or Angie Thomas because her book THUG is my absolute favourite, and is so powerful and inspiring.

@aliopalio30 asked ‘If you could travel anywhere in the world at any time past or present, where would you go and why?’

I would absolutely love to travel to 1920s america, or vienna in the present (especially at christmas … it looks really pretty!)

@IamVanshTiwari from Cross road adventure asked ‘What inspired you towards fitness and ultimately why you write about it?’

I actually was only drawn to fitness when I began experiencing anxiety. I 100% would say that yoga played the biggest part in my recovery, and taking some time for myself at the end of each day to check in worked miracles. I have only recently starting working out and trying more strenuous exercise, but I absolutely love it, and again just taking time for myself to work on me (not only physically, but mentally) is amazing. I love talking and writing about yoga and fitness because I love sharing how much of a positive effect fitness can have on your life, and on your emotional well being.

@Par_Parker from Nutrition on the run asked ‘what are your fitness goals that you want to accomplish in 2019?’ 

Next year I hope to keep working out 4 times a week and do some yoga a few times a week. I would also really like to get back into running, and do some 5k park runs. Also, I’m considering becoming a personal trainer, so maybe complete the training or at the very least consider it a little more seriously and begin planning / researching course options.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and got to know me a little more!


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