23 things to do before i turn 23

Recently I turned 22, and I thought what better way to mark the occasion than to create a list of 23 things I wanna do before I turn 23. So here goes …


1- Visit 3 European cities

2- Graduate with my MSc in Neuropsychology

3- Reach 100 books ‘read’ on goodreads

4- Move into a more spacious house/ flat

5- Finally finish reading Anna Karenina (I started it years ago and just got bored and gave up…)

6- Get my first post-graduate job in psychology / mental health

7- Run a 5k race in less than 30 minutes

8- Run a 10k race in an hour

9- Learn how to cook a vegan curry from scratch

10- Continue practising yoga at home

11- Attend a yoga class

12- Complete a day hike

13 – take a week off of social media and stay in a hut/lodge in the middle of nowhere

14 – read ‘I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings’ by Maya Angelou

15 – reach 200 followers on my blog

16 – get a dog

17 – try tai chi

18 – reduce my plastic use

19 – go to the cinema alone

20 – Plan a 50 mile hiking trip

21 – Reach 20 house plants (my obsession is real!)

22 – relax a little more!

23 – learn to Switch off from social media and leave my phone overnight in another room


What’s on your list of goals for the year of your current age? 🙂


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