Under Cover Series: Rach’s Second Book

So it’s that time again … time for a cover up series blog post ((yayyyyy!)). If you’ve read Rach’s post you may already know that for her second book I picked ‘a boy made of blocks’ by Kieth Stewart.


Genre: Fiction

A father who rediscovers love. Alex loves his wife Jody, but has forgotten how to show it. He loves his son Sam, but doesn’t understand him. He needs a reason to grab his future with both hands. A son who shows him how to live. Meet eight-year-old Sam: beautiful, surprising – and different. To him the world is a frightening mystery. But as his imagination comes to life, his family will be changed . . . for good.

I wrapped it in this colourful paper, so she had no clue which book it was, the author, genre or the cover.DSC00207

I picked this book for Rach because when I read it about 6 months ago I remember thinking this is one I have to tell Rach about but never got round to telling her. Because of this it was meant to be! Its about a man named Alex who’s trying to reconnect with his autistic son after separating from his wife, and they find a connection through playing minecraft – one of  the only ways his son communicates. I found this book to be heart wrenching so I hope Rach liked it as much as I did! To find out what she thought head over to her blog.


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