Under cover series: Rach’s first book

So today is the first set of posts in the under cover series ((yay!!)) and today i’m going to explain to you why I picked the book Rach read first. So without further ado, here goes…

So if you’ve read Rach’s post you might already know this, but I picked ‘Girl in Snow’ by Danya Kukafka.


Genre: Thriller

When beloved high school student Lucinda Hayes is found murdered, no one in her sleepy Colorado suburb is untouched – not the boy who loved her too much; not the girl who wanted her perfect life; not the police officer assigned to investigate. In the aftermath of the tragedy, these three unforgettable characters – Cameron, Jade, and Russ – must each confront their darkest secrets in an effort to find solace, the truth, or both. 

I wrapped it in this pretty geometric paper before posting it to her …


The main reason I picked this book for Rach is because of the many book reviews // comments I previously read that claimed that although the genre is thriller it has strong undertones of YA. YA is definitely one of her favourite genres and is probably the genre we discuss most when we meet up. Whereas, mystery // thriller is one of my favourite genres, so I felt like this book was the perfect mix of both of our favourites, and something that Rach wouldn’t normally read.

Head over to Rach’s post to find out what she thought of ‘Girl in Snow’.



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