What I Ate Wednesday

Today was one of my days off ((yay!)), and I’ve never been more glad – I’ve struggled through the past few days at work with the flu. After sleeping and reading through most of yesterday I decided to make more of an effort on my appearance and what I ate, so thought it would be perfect to record.


10.30am – Breakfast

After a lush lie in I made my morning coffee and a slice of toast, which I topped with vegan butter and some honey. I then curled up with my book for a while, before I finally got ready for the day.


I started working on my current essay in which I’m examining how stigma can affect recovery from a mental health problem. I’m finding this essay so interesting ((especially because we got to choose our own topic)), so I was surprised to find, what felt like moments later, that an hour had passed and i was starving.



1.30pm – lunch

For lunch I had some stew leftover from the night before, which we made with my new slow cooker – it was delicious! We made it with quorn chicken pieces, sweet potato, onion, parsnip, chickpeas, carrots and veg stock, and its perfect for winter when its cold!


After taking a little break in front of the tv I got back to my uni work.


3pm – coffee and a snack

Coffee time! And I definitely needed it, starting to feel low on energy as I haven’t been doing much ((apart from going to work)) since I’ve had the flu. I made a hazelnut latte with my coffee machine, and had a cheeky bar of chocolate on the side to keep me going till dinner later.


I then got back to work for an hour, and made good progress on my assignment – I¬†only have 500 words now! At around 5, Josh got home from work and we nipped to Sainsbury’s to do a quick food shop.


7pm – dinner

When we got back Josh made me dinner, which was tikka masala with quorn chicken pieces and sweet potato chunks – yum!


While we ate we watched godless which is a new series we’ve just started ((it’s soooo good!)). I then edited and uploaded this blog post, as I intend to just curl up and relax in front of a good film – we’ve chosen what happened to monday!


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post!






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