Ways to wellness

For a long time Ive been wondering why, as a society, we only consider wellbeing once someone’s already ill? Often our mental health is only considered once we’ve encountered problems / stress, when surely it should be considered even when we our well; we should play an active role in taking care of ourselves and become aware of factors that contribute to a healthy life. Read More


Holiday books

As we speak I am packing for my holiday to Tenerife, and I cannot wait! I absolutely packing and love making a day of it … however, I find picking books to take abroad a lot more stressful! There aren’t any Waterstones (not that I’m aware of) there, and what if I start the books and don’t like them?! Does this stress everyone else out too? Read More

August reads

August has been a bit manic to say the least. I’ve spent most of the month trying to finish my dissertation for my MSc so I’ve been unable to post to my blog regularly. One thing I have continued to do, however, is to read for an hour or two before I go to sleep, and it’s worked wonders for de-stressing me at the end of the day, and getting me ready for a good nights sleep. So, as with every month, here’s the run down of every I read last month …

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Beauty Haul

Last month i did rather a lot of shopping, especially when it comes to beauty! I tend to stick to what I know works when it comes to my skincare routine, however recently the nice weather in England has left my skin has feeling rather dry and in need of some TLC. Read More

‘The Hate You Give’ by Angie Thomas

Ok, so I hate to be dramatic but I just turned the last page of ‘The Hate You Give’ and I am in awe. This is one hundred percent my favourite book of the year if not ever! Read More

My Month in Photos: July!

So although I was ill for most of my birthday I still managed to have an amazing July! Here’s last month in photos … Read More